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NIO EP9: Electric supercar smashes Nürburgring lap record;=ad (CNN)When you’re going through “The Green Hell,” keep going. An electric supercar has completed a lap of the legendary Nürburgring in six minutes 45.90 seconds, shaving off 2.1 seconds off the previous best time by…

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Are we driving or ride sharing?

here In the next decade, cars will be well on the way to, or have reached the goal of becoming fully self-driving. As the industry continues to develop new levels of autonomous vehicles, the whole notion…

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ONE OF SONY’S CREATIONS, THE A4-SIZED DIGITAL PAPER NOTEPAD Nowadays, old news can still be remembered because it’s just so amazing how companies come up with these sort of things. Seems  like Sony did a great job in making life easier by inventing this handy technology….



nootropil 500mg 30mg Usually, scuba divers just use hand signals to communicate with one another when they’re underwater. With Casio Yamagata’s Logosease, however, divers can communicate with one another as if they’re walking on dry ground. You can…

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Kids 3D Programmable Humaniod Robot

Kids 3D Programmable Humaniod Robot Function 1 Smart prayer robot has 17 servo motors. means it has many movments to be played.and visual programming can let user to program different actions.and inside the body , there…

At Volkswagen, the 10-speed dream is over

Volkswagen‘s much-discussed 10-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission is dead, said VW powertrain chief Friedrich Eichler on the sidelines of the International Vienna Motor Symposium last month. “Two months ago, I had the prototype crushed,” Eichler said….